President’s Letter: Happy New Year

January 3, 2018 No Comments
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2018 Economic Outlook Is Good

by Tom Chacon

toc_departments50pxHello everyone, and Happy New Year. With another year behind us, I hope 2017 was a successful year for all, both professionally and personally.

It is time to start looking at what the New Year will mean for the MPMA and what the economy might look like over the next 12 months.

For the MPMA, 2018 looks like a promising year for all of our members. We have added some new members with strong values that are in tune with our objectives, and I think we will be able to add more members this year. Now that our Executive Director, Amy Walstien, has a few months on the job, I hope everyone has had the chance to see what a big asset she will be to us in government relations, educational opportunities, and all-around management of our Association.

As far as government relations go for the year, it seems it will be a light year on initiatives at the state level because it is not a bonding year. All of the big legislation was passed last year, and in 2018 we are looking to expand the Youth Skills Training (YST) program. And, of course, we’re always trying to make some in-roads on tax relief, so we’ll be at the table for those discussions, too. On the national level, well, your guess is as good as mine.

On the education side, we are looking to team up with MN State to help increase what MPMA’s Education Foundation is giving in scholarships this year. This effort could result in adding as much as $1,000 to the new MN State Workforce Development manufacturing scholarships of $2,500, which would result in almost completely covering a full year’s tuition for new manufacturing students.

The economy is looking up, in spite of the in-fighting in Washington, D.C. The GDP is up, consumer confidence and spending are higher, and the Purchasing Manager Index (PMI) for manufacturing is up and forecasted to be higher for the upcoming year. All in all, it seems that business in 2018 will be equal to or better than 2017. pm_endmarkgrn-e1320337194716

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Tom Chacon is from S & T Chacon LLC. He can be reached at

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