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Growth And Expansion Leads To Success

by Amy Walstien

toc_departments50px2018 is poised to be a great year for manufacturing and for the Minnesota Precision Manufacturing Association.

With economists forecasting manufacturing production to grow nearly 3 percent in 2018, your companies are producing more than ever before. And current forecasts aren’t even taking into account the economic growth that might occur as a result of federal tax legislation and regulatory policy changes.

In order to continue to grow your production capabilities, your talent needs are becoming more critical. Throughout Minnesota, manufacturers are feeling the pain of a tight labor market and a shortage of workers trained in manufacturing. This isn’t breaking news – we’ve seen this happening for years. But what I’m hearing now that the pain is acute. Production jobs that are left unfilled as you search for skilled workers are costing you a lot of money. To meet current production demands and take advantage of new opportunities to grow your business, your company needs skilled workers.

Manufacturers are examining company culture, and designing the employee experience in new ways as part of their talent strategy. As employees are more in demand, companies are being very conscientious in creating benefit packages and developing training opportunities to keep employees engaged, productive, and loyal.

Many manufacturers are looking to internal training programs to attract, retain, and upskill employees. Grant programs like the PIPELINE Program, Minnesota Job Skills Partnership, and Pathways to Prosperity are helping fuel innovative new training programs. Talent pipeline development programs like MPMA’s new Youth Skills Training program are gaining traction quickly as local partnerships form between employers and schools.

Getting engaged in workforce programs can take some effort, and that’s where your membership in MPMA comes in. We are working to expand our partnerships and collaborations with business and trade associations, workforce and economic development agencies, and other manufacturing groups. Strategic work with regional and sector partners will allow us to have a greater collective impact for the manufacturing industry and accelerate our efforts to grow the skilled workforce. We will be working to show you HOW to engage, and we will support you along the way.

Your MPMA membership also gives you a voice on policy matters. The 2018 Minnesota Legislative Session will commence on February 20. While it is likely to be a quieter session than 2017, we expect tax and workforce issues to continue to generate significant discussion. MPMA will be in Saint Paul to represent you on these matters because of their critical importance to the success of the manufacturing industry.

MPMA exists for its members – we’re here to elevate the manufacturing industry in Minnesota because your business succeeds when your industry succeeds. 2018 is going to be a great year! pm_endmarkgrn-e1320337194716

Amy Walstien is the Executive Director for Minnesota Precision Manufacturing Association. She can be reached at amy@mpma.com.

Copyright © 2018 Minnesota Precision Manufacturing Association. For permission to use or reprint this article please contact Nancy Huddleston, publications manager for Precision Manufacturing Journal.


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