Executive Director: 2018: A Sharper Focus

November 9, 2017 No Comments
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More Member Engagement & Connectivity

by Amy Walstien

toc_departments50pxMPMA finished our fiscal year strong, adding many new members and affiliates. We continue to demonstrate value to our members through the work we do to drive success for the manufacturing industry.

In my first 100 days, I’m spending time learning the nuts and bolts of the organization, and I’ve had conversations with many of you about what you want from your trade association. People join associations for many reasons – but several themes emerge among our membership: advocate for and share the voice of the industry, train the next generation of workers, and help grow the association.

Look for 2018 to bring a sharper focus on engagement and connectivity. As the MPMA looks to the future, we need to facilitate more connections and strengthen the engagement of our members across our core areas: legislative advocacy, education and workforce, and membership development.

Building on our 2017 success at the state Legislature, MPMA will continue to advocate for our members by serving as the industry’s voice at the state Capitol. Taxes and workforce development continue to be top priorities for the industry. We are closely monitoring progress on tax reform at the federal level, while we simultaneously take part in conversations with state legislators on Minnesota-specific reforms. Continued efforts on workforce development are also taking shape as we make plans to tackle additional barriers impeding skilled workforce training.

To bring greater weight to our advocacy efforts, it’s important for MPMA to help foster relationships between our members and their elected officials. Connecting and engaging with your local and state officials to share your stories helps inform them on how laws and regulations affect your business and your industry. Together, the voices of manufacturers can significantly impact decisions made by policy makers. MPMA will help you connect with those policy makers and equip you with the tools for effective conversations.

One of the highlights of the past year was developing the new Youth Skills Training Program, which will enable more companies to offer internships and apprenticeships to high school students. With the program now in the implementation phase, MPMA will be working with educators, employers, and community partners to build training programs throughout Minnesota.

Engaging members in training efforts will be critical to the success of the Youth Skills Training Program. As schools prepare to launch new and better secondary and post-secondary training programs, we need employers to be ready to raise their hands and offer work-based experiences, like internships, apprenticeships, and dual-training programs. MPMA will connect you with educators and students, and we’ll work to smooth out inevitable bumps along the way.

Connecting and engaging with other members is what brings a lot of you to MPMA events – from Golden Gloves to Brews and Buzz, and from Shoot for Scholarships to business tours, MPMA is known for our fun membership programs. We’ll keep offering events that give you a chance to network, talk with other members about trends in the industry, and hopefully meet a new client or partner.

To help MPMA grow, we encourage you to connect with people you know and talk to them about our association. You can do this by inviting your colleagues to our events, encouraging employees to serve on our committees, and telling others about the work we do.

In the year ahead, MPMA will build on our strong tradition of serving as the voice of manufacturing – and we will continue to enhance the services we provide by helping you engage and connect for the success of the industry. pm_endmarkgrn-e1320337194716

Amy Walstien is the Executive Director for Minnesota Precision Manufacturing Association. She can be reached at amy@mpma.com.

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