Licensing agreement between two market leaders: SGS cutting tools with the HAIMER Safe-Lock™ System

January 22, 2016 No Comments
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The Safe-Lock™ System from HAIMER is an integrated pull out protection for round cutting tools that uses a friction and form locking system. It increases process security, enables a higher metal removal rate and provides results that are significantly better than conventional tool clamping systems.

Recently the SGS Tool Company, a global leader in round cutting tools, and Haimer GmbH, market leader in tool holding technology, signed a licensing agreement. The SGS Tool Company is offering their round end mill cutting tools to the market now with the HAIMER Safe-Lock™-System.

The SGS Tool Company, a market leader for solid carbide end mills in North America, has begun offering their high quality cutting tools with the HAIMER Safe-Lock™ system.

The unique Safe-Lock™ design in cutting tools and tool holders combines high precision shrink fit clamping with a positive form locking mechanism. This prevents round cutting tools from being rotated or completely pulled out from tool holders during heavy machining. The combination of a symmetrical locking tool design with high concentricity and excellent balance of the Safe-Lock™ system, results in a vibration-free machining process. This leads to more efficient metal removal rates, superior to that of conventional Milling chucks or Weldon side-lock tool holders.

Over the years, SGS has been an industry leader in the development of variable helix end mills. The revolutionary flute design of the SGS Z-Carb™ end mills led to significantly greater potential metal removal rates compared to what had previously been available to the market. This design, however, could lead to a potential pull-out of the cutting tool during aggressive machining with high precision tool holding systems due to the aggressive high helix, multi-flute design. Consequently, this led the team within the Innovation Center at SGS to look and test various tool holding systems to find an absolutely secure system. This research, along with customer feedback via their expansive network, led SGS Tool to partner with the technology of the Haimer Safe-Lock™ system. David Byrley, Vice President of Business Development explains: “In our testing we have clearly seen a comprehensive advantage of Safe-Lock™ in comparison to other systems.”

Being a U.S. based company, SGS saw the largely increasing demand in the North American market to provide their cutting tools with the Safe-Lock™ grooves on the shank. Mr. Byrley continued: “The Safe-Lock™ design has been established as the global standard for anti pull-out.”

SGS is headquartered in Munroe Falls, OH, where it has solid carbide end mill and drill manufacturing plants, a coating facility, quality control lab, and its distribution and Innovation Centers. It is due to these capabilities, a full complement of the same capabilities in the SGS facilities in the United Kingdom, and over 250 highly trained and skilled associates globally, that the company is able to ensure the highest level of quality and availability of their tools. Additionally, a global sales and service network enables the demands of local markets and customers to be met in over 60 countries around the world with fast delivery and support.

Brendt Holden, President of Haimer USA stated, “We are very pleased to have entered into this agreement with a company the caliber of SGS. The innovative flute geometries pioneered by SGS in our industry lend themselves perfectly for the Safe-Lock™ System. I am confident that the loyal SGS customer base will welcome this technology as a resource to be used to greatly increase their productivity on the shop floor.”

Since its launch in 2007, the Safe-Lock™ System has developed very successfully and excited many international customers. Last year alone, the growth was four times higher compared to previous years. This boom can be attributed to recognizing that the productivity increases resulting from the pull out protection is not restricted to typical aerospace applications, but the cost and time savings can also be used in any typical milling application.

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